About Desiree Devine
If you are looking for a big beautiful confident amazonian woman than you have found me and please believe that with tits and ass like this you won't be disappointed! I am a BBW adult actress, model and professional domme extraordinaire currently residing in Phoenix Arizona. I have appeared in the pages of Big Butt magazine, Plumper Magazine and have done video work for Adam and Eve, Redlight District, Sensational Video and many more. I have been on dozens of websites and the list keeps growing. As a person I am very mellow and down to earth but when it is time to get down to business, freak is my middle name and the sky is the limit!

I LoVe a variety of kink from the basics to severely sadistic domination. I fall into several categories of fetish so when you enter my fun zone there is a ride for everyone. I am warm, gentle and love having a good time, but you dare to get this BBW Amazon Goddess riled up, you'll be in for the shock of your life.

Here's some basic info you should know about me:

Birthday: November 9th
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 370
Bra Size: 44H
Measurements: 44H-52-68
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Both ears
Skin: Smooth
Lips: Full
Feet: Beautifully pedicured
Hands: Exquisitely manicured
Pussy: Shaved and tight
Dress: 24/26 or 3/4x
Shirt: 24/26 or 3/4x
Pants: 24/26 or 3/4x
Sexual Orientation: Straight but playful
Fetishes: Spanking, Domination, Facesitting

Color: Purple and Black
Foods: Mexican, Lebanese & Italian
Drink: Sweet Tea, Long Island Iced Tea & Jager
Song: Carry Out (Timbaland & Justin Timberlake)
Movie: Wedding Crashers (Comedy & Romantic comedy)
Website: Twitter, DesireeDevine.com & CJWrightXXX.com
Cities: Seattle, Hollywood, Miami, Tampa, Hotlanta, New York, Vegas
Flowers: Calla Lilies, Roses (Fire & Ice Roses are my favorite) and Orchids
Scent: Roberto Verino, Hanae Mori (Pink Butterfly) & Burberry (oval bottle), Chance by Chanel
Activities: Shopping, Nightlife, Burlesque

Outstanding Features: Soul piercing blue eyes, lusciously full lips, beautifully pedicured feet, exquisitely manicured hands, soft velvety fair skin, a Rubenesque body that's supple and full of curves and much more.

Things That Make Me Shiver: Morris Chestnut, Tyrese, Johnny Depp, Music, Burlesque, Nightlife, Porn, Adult Entertainment, Thunderstorms, Walking In The Rain, Touch, Massage, Kink, Fetish, Domination, Soulful Eyes, Sincerity and Honesty.

What I look for in a man: Sense of humor, caring, generous, outgoing, motivated, successful, intelligent, and good smelling!

What I DO NOT like in a man: Poor personal hygiene, bad breath, arrogance, body odor or bitchassness!

Absolute No-No's: Anal, Scat, Blood, Children and Animals
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